Star Charge Titan Version 2 (180 kW) DC


Star Charge Titan Version 2 (180 kW) DC

Star Charge Titan Version 2 , One of the best MOTEVS offers is smart solutions for fast chargers for electric cars

Product Description

  • Dimensions: 800*2050*750 mm (depth without connector holder)
  • Charging Mode: Mode 4
  • Charging Interface: CCS2+CCS2 Version: 5m or 7m (optional). CCS2+CHAdeMO Version: 5m
  • Input/Output Voltage Rating: 400VacĀ±10%, 3 phases, 50/60Hz, L1+L2+L3+N+PE
  • Input/Output Power & Current Rating: CCS2: 180kW max. (150kW max. & 120kW max. are optional)
  • CHAdeMO: 62.5kW max. /CCS2: 200A max., CHAdeMO: 125A max.
  • Display & Support Languages: 10.4 inches touch /English (Other languages available upon request) screen
  • Network Interface: 4G, Wifi, Ethernet
  • Protocol: OCPP 1.6J
  • IP Rating / IK Rating: IP55 / IK10


Star Charge Titan Version 2 Features

Fast charging: Save time now, as within a few hours you will get a full charge for your electric car battery

Compatible with all electric cars, which makes it ideal for use anywhere

Ease of use: The smart and innovative solutions ensure easy use and simple handling as well

High safety and reliability: Manufactured using high-quality components and advanced safety elements to ensure long-term performance and complete protection from any hazardous factors.

Elegant design: Modern design that reflects aspects of modern technology and fits in anywhere

Customizability: The charger can be customized to meet your specific needs, including power and cable options

DC fast chargers provide a very high charging capacity that reduces the charging time for electric cars and also contributes to protecting the environment by contributing to reducing emissions and ensuring sustainability

Get it now and enjoy fast and safe charging for your electric car


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