MOTEVS DC Chargers

MOTEVS DC Chargers


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DC Fast Chargers

DC Fast Charges

Arc Tech 40 fast charger 40 kW

DC Fast Charges

CirControl Raption 50 DC fast charger 50 kW

DC Fast Charges

Star Charge Titan Version 2 (180 kW) DC

DC Fast Charges

Star Charge Titan Version 3 V3 (180 kW) DC

DC Chargers

In addition to regular Alternating current chargers,Direct current-only chargers, commonly referred to as ” fast chargers,” exist for electric vehicles.

Unlike AC chargers, which utilize alternating current, these specialized stations operate using direct current, typically found near industrial areas or along highways for convenient access.

This distinction in current types is crucial.

Direct current devices for power supply bypass the vehicle’s onboard AC/DC converter, feeding the battery directly with the same type of electricity as it stores.

This streamlined process eliminates conversion inefficiencies, enabling significantly faster charging compared to regular AC or even home chargers.

Instead of relying on your car’s internal AC/DC converter, a DC fast for electric loading station delivers power straight to your battery.

This direct connection, combined with the ability to draw on more power, significantly boosts charging speed compared o AC charging.

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